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VTTC Staccato Controller Kit

VTTC Staccato Controller Board Kit

Looking for those coveted "sword-like" sparks from your Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil? Well, you'll need to have a Stacatto Controller to get them. Our VTTC Stacatto Controller is a fully programmable add-on board for most VTTCs which allow you to synchronize and pulse your VTTC to the 60Hz input AC power line. This in turn allows you to maximize the output arc length of your VTTC and also achieve those beautiful "sword-like" sparks everyone is talking about. This advanced VTTC Stacatto controller allows the user to vary the pulsewidth, burst length, and pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of the VTTC using either the included onboard potentiometers or externally mounted poteniometers, and provides nearly an infinite amount of spark effects.

Click here for VTTC Staccato Controller Kit Instruction Manual (PDF) - Preliminary version - Final version coming soon.

VTTC Stacatto Controller Kit
VTTC Stacatto Controller Kit
VTTC Stacatto Controller Kit
VTTC Stacatto Controller Kit



- AC Input Line Synchronization - Syncs your VTTC Pulses with Input Power to Maximize "Sword-Like" Arc Growth
- User Selectable AC Synchronization Polarity
- Onboard Pulsewidth (PW), Burst Number, Pulse Repetition (PRF) Controls (Potentiometers and DIP Switches)
- External Terminal Blocks allow externally mounted potentiometers for PW, Burst Number, and PRF
- User Bypass Switch (ENA / DIS Staccato Control) via Toggle Switch
- Standard Output - 12V @ 200mA (Compatible with most SCRs, TRIACs, etc...)
- High Current Output - 12V @ 600mA (Completely customizable by user)


VTTC Stacatto Controller - Board Kit
Printed Circuit Board and Components
(Does not include Control Transformer or TRIAC)




VTTC Stacatto Controller - Complete Kit
Printed Circuit Board, Components, Control Transformer
(Does not include TRIAC - This must be specified for use with your particular VTTC and tubes that you are using)



VTTC Stacatto Controller - Schematic Only