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Tesla Coil MIDI Files

The Mothership Dialogue from the Movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is being played on two Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coils. For a dual Tesla Coil, one voice of the MIDI file is preset to MIDI Channel 1 and the second voice of the MIDI file is preset to MIDI Channel 2.

This page provides a wide assortment of specially edited MIDI files that can be used with Musical Tesla Coils including the Eastern Voltage Research Plasmasonic DRSSTC System. Please note that is is the responsibility of the end user to determine the compatibility of each and every downloaded MIDI file to their specific Tesla Coil system and that Eastern Voltage Research is not responsible for any damage that may result due to the use of one of these downloaded MIDI files.

Solo Tesla Coils

These files are designed to be used with single Tesla Coils. The main voice in each MIDI file is preset for MIDI Channel 1.




Raiders March
From the Movie Raiders of the Lost Ark

Mitch Fidler


Dual Tesla Coils

These files are designed to be used with dual Tesla Coils. Typically, there are two main voices in each MIDI file. One voice is set to play on MIDI Channel 1 and the second voice is set to play on MIDI Channel 2.




Tubular Bells
Theme from the

Eastern Voltage Research


Entry of the Gladiators
Circus Theme

Eastern Voltage Research


Close Encounters of Third Kind
Mothership Dialogue

Eastern Voltage Research


Dueling Banjos
From the Movie Deliverance

Eastern Voltage Research

















MIDI File Development Services

For those looking for a specific Tesla Coil compatible MIDI file, Eastern Voltage Research provides a MIDI composition service. We can obtain almost any MIDI file available and custom taylor it to your specific needs. We will properly configure the MIDI file to your specific needs and also test the MIDI file prior to delivery. We can provide MIDI file customization for both single and dual Tesla Coil applications.



- Create custom MIDI file for your specific Tesla Coil
- Both Single and Dual Tesla Coil applications
- Set MIDI Channels to the users specific MIDI equipment
- MIDI files are tested using our state of the art lab equipment and Musical Tesla Coils
- MIDI files are delivered to the end user via email within 1-2 weeks of ordering





Custom MIDI File Composition - Single Tesla Coil






Custom MIDI File Composition - Dual Tesla Coils






EXPEDITE Services - Receive your MIDI file within 2 days of ordering
Add priority to your MIDI file develpment. We will develop and delivery electronically your customized MIDI file within 2 days of ordering.