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Solid State Tesla Coil 2.0 - Development Kit

Looking for an introductory Tesla coil that creates a wide variety of impressive spark effects? The SSTC 2.0 produces output arcs up to 8.0" in length and with an onboard modulator (interrupter). From slow rep rates to screaming flames of purple arc, this coil produces it all. Modulator (interrupter) controls are mounted directly to the board and can be adjusted in real time by the user producing a nearly infinite range of different spark effects. Two onboard potentiometers can vary pulsewidth and pulse repetition frequency (PRF) to create many different arc effects while an onboard 3-position DIP switch also allows the user to switch in different timing capacitors to create additional spark effects. Power stage is comprised of a standard half-bridge switching configuration running off 115VAC direct (170VDC rectified). (Tesla Resonator not included and must be designed and built by the end user.)

This is a development item only and only includes a schematic for documentation. This is considered an advanced kit and familiarity with basic solid state Tesla coil design and operation is highly recommended. The end user should have a full understanding of SSTC switching topologies and theory, understand how pulsed SSTCs operate, and be able to design and build a Tesla resonator, consisting of a primary and secondary coil, and topload (i.e. toroid) to be used with it.

Please note this kit includes a u-channel type heatsink (shown above) which must be machined by the end user using a drill press. Machining involes simply drilling and countersinking a few holes. A 1:1 paper template is included in the kit.

Click here for the addendum / errata document to the SSTC 2.0 Design (PDF)



- Produces up to 8 " Output Arcs
- Onboard Modulator creates a wide variety of different arc effects
- Self-Resonant Design (Doesn't require tuning)
- Strong electric field lights up fluorescent and neon lights with ease
- Excellent SSTC for a beginner or school science project
- Works with any Tesla Resonator from 50kHz to 400kHz (Tested)


SSTC 2.0 Development Board Kit
Printed Circuit Board and Board Mounted components
Includes Power Transformer, and Power Cord
(Includes heatsink with machining 1:1 template - the end user will need to drill the various mounting holes in the heatsink with a drill press)
Please note, as this is a development kit no technical support is available and that some components (i.e, timing resistors and capacitors) will need to be supplied by the user. The user will also need to specify the resonator design as well as provide all necessary power / fusing to the SSTC.




SSTC 2.0 - Schematic Only (11x17")