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Solid State Tesla Coil 1.0



The SSTC 1.0 is an incredibly simple Tesla coil that is an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. The small coil produces output arcs up to 2.0" in length, and easily illuminates fluorescent and neon lights due to the electric field it creates. It also features a self-resonant feedback circuit which tunes the coil automatically. No need to spend time tuning and re-tuning your coil. With just a single press of a button, this Tesla coil snaps right into life.

This kit is specially designed for students and schools, especially science projects. Coupled with the Wireless Energy Demonstration Kit, it is an excellent demonstration piece for showing the principles of wireless energy transfer!

We now also sell a Wireless Energy Demonstration Kit that is compatible with the SSTC 1.0 coil!

Click here for SSTC 1.0 Instruction Manual Rev C (PDF) - For SSTC 1.0 PCB boards marked SC2071B - Latest Version

Click here for the SSTC 1.0 Heatsink Template (PDF) - Be sure to print this out 1:1 on your printer. After printing, be sure to measure the dimensions with a ruler to ensure the template printed 1:1.

SSTC 1.0 Kit
SSTC 1.0 Kit
SSTC 1.0 Kit
SSTC 1.0 Kit




- Produces up to 2" Output Arcs
- Tested to 800kHz
- Self-Resonant Design (Doesn't require tuning)
- Strong electric field lights up fluorescent and neon lights with ease
- Excellent SSTC for a beginner or school science project


SSTC 1.0 Board Kit
Printed Circuit Board and Board Mounted components
Includes Aluminum Heatsink
(Does not include Power Transformer or Tesla Resonator)
(Note: Heatsink will come with a 1:1 paper template and must be drilled by the customer)





Complete SSTC 1.0 Kit
Includes Printed Circuit Board and all components including Power Transformer, Heatsink, and Tesla Resonator Kit
(Note: Heatsink will come with a 1:1 paper template and must be drilled by the customer)



Wireless Energy Demonstration Kit for SSTC 1.0 - Complete Kit
Includes SSTC 1.0 Receiver Resonator Coil, PCB, Components, and Pri/Sec Wire
Available Now!
(Please note that this kit will only work with our SSTC 1.0 Kit)





SSTC 1.0 - Schematic Only (11x17")