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DRSSTC Reference Design 3.0 Package - Up to 15 Foot Arcs!


Secrets, secrets, secrets. That is typically the name of the game when it comes to cutting edge DRSSTC technology. If you have begun searching the internet and other sources for detailed information on mid-to-high power DRSSTC Tesla Coil designs you no doubt have had no luck in finding anything very useful to help build your own DRSSTC other than a few photographs and brief descriptions.

The DRSSTC Reference Design 3.0 system is a highly advanced, high power Musical Tesla Coil system that can output up to 15 foot arcs. The system operates from 240VAC 50/60Hz line voltage. This design includes many advanced features including power start-up sequencing, safety circuits including bleeder and crowbar functionality, as well as grounding diagrams, heatsink mounting layouts, and DXF files of major support structures.

Luckily, we have solved that problem by releasing a highly detailed reference design package which provides all necessary information to design and build your own high power DRSSTC system. Our engineers have worked over two years design and characterizing a highly reliable, commercial grade DRSSTC system that is capable of producing up to six (6) foot arcs and reproducing music using an appropriate MIDI interrupter. We include both schematics as well as mechanical drawings of the primary and secondary coils to ensure you have everything you need to reproduce this incredible DRSSTC system. We also provide complete parts lists of all components which are readily available from many different suppliers. We at Eastern Voltage Research also source many of these components and offer them directly to you. (See products below) This makes designing and ordering components and supplies for your DRSSTC as simple as clicking a few buttons on the computer!

As we said before, our engineers have spent hundreds of hours of testing and refining this design to provide one of the most highly efficient DRSSTC designs every created. This design was originally created for commercial and university use, so it is extremely reliable in its design. We have not yet experienced an IGBT failure using this design and we have literally over a 1000 hours of run-time on our original test unit!

This design recommends the use of the Eastern Voltage Research Universal DRSSTC controller. Third party universal DRSSTC drivers may be used, but we cannot guarantee their compatibility.

Universal DRSSTC Controller
Universal DRSSTC Controller

Universal MIDI Interrupter
Professional MIDI Interrupter

Universal MIDI 1.0 Interrupter
Universal MIDI Interrupter 1.0


Reference design package includes:


- Top level DRSSTC schematic
- Power sequencing circuits
- Power bridge circuit
- IGBT Gate drive interface circuit and schematic
- Inrush limiting circuit and schematic
- Crowbar and safety circuit and schematic
- Basic interrupter design circuit and schematic
- Primary Capacitor design and parts list
- Parts list (electrical and mechanical components for resonator)
- Resonator design (primary, secondary, and toroid) - Drawings include dimensions, electrical specifications
- All components on parts list are readily available with distributors. Most parts can be purchased directly from Eastern Voltage Research
- Current transformer design drawings and parts list
- Gate transformer design drawings and parts list
- DXF files of mechanical components to be used for machining purposes


Reference DRSSTC Design 3.0 Package
Includes schematics, parts lists, mechanical design details, and other information. Available as printed documentation only. Electrical format is not available although .DXFs files are provided of the major mechanical components for machining, layout, and fabrication purposes.





Price varies

Universal DRSSTC Controller 3.0 (2000A controller) w/ Ref Design 3.0
Includes our Reference Design 3.0 Package
This universal DRSSTC controller is the brains of a DRSSTC system and is used to control and drive the high power switching IGBTs. This particular controller was specifically designed for this reference DRSSTC system, but can also be used for virtually any other sized DRSSTC system. Click here for complete instructions and i nformation for this controller.

Click here to visit our Universal DRSSTC Controller ordering page.





Professional DRSSTC Handheld MIDI Interrupter
This is the same controller that is used in our professional Plasmasonic DRSSTC system. It includes an completely built and tested advanced microprocessor controlled MIDI converter in a plastic enclosure with knobs, silkscreen legends, and a bright orange rubber cover. For the professional!






Universal MIDI 1.0 Interface Board w/ fiber optic output
This interrupter kit features both advanced pulse operation and burst modes as well as a fully customizable advanced microprocessor controlled MIDI converter. This is the best bang for the buck as far as MIDI interrupters go. Please click here for additional information including instruction manual.





Available now

Primary Coil Supports for DRSSTC Reference Design 3.0
These eight (8) primary supports are CNC machined out of 1/2" thick polycarbonate. They are available in two options. The standard option does not include mounting holes, while the machined option includes both mounting holes with 10-32 screw inserts.

Custom order - Contact us




Available now

Gate Drive Board Kit
The gate board mounts directly to the CM300 IGBT through four (4) custom press-on tab connectors. This kit includes the PCB board and all components including the press-on tab connectors. Available in both PCB board only, and the full kit.

Custom order - Contact us




Available now

Gate Drive Transformer
The gate drive transformer is available as both a kit and a prewound completed transformer assembly.

Custom order - Contact us




Available now

1000:1 Current Transformer Assembly
Professionaly built completed assemblies with a 1024:1 current ratio. Transformers are epoxied to a FR-4 transformer carrier with flying leads. Maximum current is 2000A.

Custom order - Contact us




Available now

Reference Design 3.0 Heatsink
This is the heatsink extrusion which is used for this design. It is available in both a non-machined version which includes a printed 1:1 drill template for DIY'ers, as well as a fully machined version.

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RBPS 2.0uF / 1000V Snubber Module






Primary Shunt Capacitor, 0.1uF, 2000V 942C20P1K-F






Muffin Fan, Standard Size, 115VAC Input, 50/60Hz