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Power Supply PS 2.0 - 2A Buck-Boost Converter

Power Supply Buck-Boost Converter 2A

The Power Supply PS 2.0 is an integrated DC-DC converter featuring a non-isolated buck-boost topology that regulates a DC output voltage both HIGHER and LOWER than the input voltage. The PS 2.0 provides a maximum 2A of output current and efficiencies as high as 90%. The low-cost and small form factor make this an ideal solution for many projects that require a low voltage, high efficiency regulated power supply.

Because this is a special buck-boost switching toplogy, the output voltage can be either LOWER or HIGHER than the actual input voltage. This makes this power supply extremely flexible and useable with a wide range of battery configurations and power supply voltages.

This power supply is especially useful for both solar power and battery powered applications where the output voltage is required to be greater than the input voltage.

Power Supply Buck-Boost Converter 2A      

Click here for the Power Supply PS 2.0 Datasheet (PDF) - Available now



- Operating Input Voltage Range: 3.0V to 35.0V
- Output Voltage Range: 1.25V to 30.0V
- Onboard potentiometer is used to set output voltage
- Maximum Output Current: 2A
- Efficiency: 90% typical
- Output Ripple: < 50mV
- Switching Frequency: 50kHz
- Includes adhesive backed heatsink


Power Supply PS 2.0
Includes one power supply module and adhesive heatsink