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0-6kV, 10W High Voltage Module - HVPS3

High Voltage Power Supply HVPS3

The HVPS3 is a potted high voltage power supply module that can produce a variable high voltage output from 0-6kV at 10W (1.66mA). These were specifically designed for use with our Marx 1.0 and Marx 2.0 generator kits.

These units are perfect for charging Marx Generator and similar devices.


High voltage power supplies present a serious risk of personal injury if not used in accordance with design and/or use specifications, if used in applications on products for which they are not intended or designed, or if they are used by untrained or unqualified personnel. These high voltage power supplies should only be operated by trained and experience professionals and never by anyone under the age of 18. We reserve the right to refuse sale of these high voltage modules to anyone.


Click here for the HVPS3 Datasheet / Instruction Manual (PDF) - Available now



- Operating Voltage Range - 0 to 15.0VDC
- Proportional output voltage control - Unregulated
- 0-6kV output voltage
- Potted power supply module


0-6kV, 10W High Voltage Module, HVPS3