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20kV High Voltage Module - HVPS2

High Voltage Power Supply Module HVPS2


The HVPS2 is a potted high voltage power supply module that can produce high voltage outputs in excess of 20kV. These things really pack a serious punch and can output some very high currents for their size. These units are designed to used for light duty applications and are great for generating high voltage for all types of high voltage experiments. The accept a power input of 0-6VDC which makes them extremely attractive for battery powered applications. Peak output power of the devices can exceed 30W and under short circuit conditions will draw approximately 5.0A of current @ 6VDC.

Open circuit, these modules will produce over 20kV of output voltage. When loaded they will typically produce an output voltage of 13kV. We measured these with our own high voltage divider which loaded these units to 70 megaohm and produced about 13kV at 6VDC input, 12.6kV @ 5VDC input, 11.2kV @ 4VDC input, 9.2kV @ 3VDC input, 6.2kV @ 2VDC input, and 2kV @ 1VDC input. These units are not thermally limited, so we recommend about 50% duty cycle for operation. We also do not recommend discharging these into a short circuit. Please use proper current limiting resistors to limit output current. The output of these devices are not regulated.

These units are perfect for charging Marx Generator and similar devices.


High voltage power supplies present a serious risk of personal injury if not used in accordance with design and/or use specifications, if used in applications on products for which they are not intended or designed, or if they are used by untrained or unqualified personnel. These high voltage power supplies should only be operated by trained and experience professionals and never by anyone under the age of 18. We reserve the right to refuse sale of these high voltage modules to anyone.


The above video shows the HVPS2 in action with 6VDC input and short circuit discharges. Input current has been externally limited to 3A.


Click here for the HVPS2 Datasheet / Instruction Manual (PDF) - Available now

IMPORTANT NOTE: These HVPS2 modules are sold for "experimental" or "amateur" use only. They are not intended or recommended for "commerical use." No warranty or technical support is provided for our HVPS modules.



- Operating Voltage Range - 0 to 6.0VDC
- Proportional output voltage control - Unregulated
- >20kV output voltage (no load)
- Approx. 13kV with 70 megaohm load
- Potted power supply module
- We recommend 50% duty cycle for light applications only
- Will produce up to 1 inch arcs
- EXPERIMENTAL or AMATEUR USE ONLY - Not intended for commercial use.


20kV High Voltage Module, HVPS2