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Universal Handheld MIDI Interrupter / Controller

Universal MIDI DRSSTC Interrupter


The Universal Handheld MIDI Interrupter is the most advanced commercially available SSTC or DRSSTC controller on the market today. No where else will you find a completely built and tested MIDI interrupter which is ready to go right out of the box. Housed in a custom EMI shielded enclosure with a flashy red outer boot and custom machined knurled adjustment knobs, you will not find a finer looking controller anywhere! Text is professionally silkscreened on the control surface of the device providing that extra professional look many are looking for.

The Universal Handheld MIDI Interrupter is an advanced microprocessor controlled interupter which can be used for both Solid State Tesla Coils (SSTCs) as well as the Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils (DRSSTCs). It features two primary modes of operation. The first mode is a standard interrupter pulse mode which a user can vary the operation of a SSTC or DRSSTC through user adjustable pulsewidths and frequencies. This is the standard operational mode of all DRSSTCs. The second mode of operation is a MIDI musical playback mode. The MIDI musical playback mode allows one to directly connect any MIDI type instrument, whether it be a keyboard, guitar, or laptop computer, directly to the input of their coil and play music through it. The Universal Handheld MIDI Interrupter is capable of full polyphonic playback through the Tesla Coil which means you can play up to 3 notes simultaneously through the Tesla Coil's arcs.

This controller is also fully adjustable and configurable by the end user. Internal potentiometers and dip switches are used to configure a wide variety of parameters including maximum pulsewidth, MIDI note ranges, MIDI output channels, MIDI pulsewidths, pulse mode pulsewidth mapping, and MIDI note pulsewidth mapping. There is also a hardware based pulsewidth limit circuit which prevents the device from outputting pulsewidths above a specified threshold. Two onboard LED indicators continously provide the users with operational feedback to the status of the controller.

Finally, the Universal Handheld MIDI Interrupter supports two (2) types of fiber optic outputs which are compatable with ANY and ALL SSTC or DRSSTCs ANYWHERE! It can support a standard Avago Technologies HFBR1412T type fiber optic transmitter with a standard ST port, and can also support the bare fiber optic type connector, the Industrial Fiber Optics IF-E96E (or similar) output connectors which are also commonly used.

This handheld MIDI interrupter is fully compatible with our Universal DRSSTC Controller Module.

Sample video of two (2) Universal MIDI Handheld Interrupters operating two Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coils. For this demonstration, two (2) Universal MIDI Handheld Interrupters were configured to MIDI channels 1 and 2 respectively and controlled via a laptop using a Yamaha UX-16 USB-to-MIDI interface, a MIDI Solutions Quada Splitter, and Anvil Studio, which is MIDI playback software which is a free download on the internet.


Universal MIDI Interrupter Universal MIDI Interrupter Universal MIDI Interrupter Universal MIDI Interrupter




- Onboard MIDI Input Connector (5-Pin DIN)
- Optically Isolated Input
- Maximum Pulsewidth Protection through independent discrete circuitry (pulsewidth limit can be modified by end user)
- Supports Avago Technologies HFBR1412 type fiber optic output connector
- Supports Industrial Fiber Optics IF-E96E type fiber optic output connector
- Pulsewidth Mode - User adjustable pulsewidth and frequency
- Pulse Mode PW Range - 0-1000us
- Pulse Mode Frequency Range = 50-250Hz
- Monophonic and Polyphonic Playback Available
- Multiple MIDI channels available (Channels 1-8)
- Pulse Mode Frequency Mapping - Constant / Linear
- MIDI Mode Frequency Mapping - Constant / Linear
- Operates from a 9V battery (NOT INCLUDED)





Universal MIDI Handheld Interrupter - Version 2
Version 2 includes updated firmware and hardware for better performance.
Includes a fully built and tested unit ready to go right out of the box.
(9V battery is not included)

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Yamaha UX-16 USB-to-MIDI Interface
This USB-to-MIDI interface is the one unit we have fully tested with our DRSSTCs and Controllers and what we recommend to everyone who is interested in playing music through their Tesla Coil using a laptop computer.