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Plasmasonic 1.0 Musical Tesla Coil

  Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil
Plasmasonic DRSSTC
Plasmasonic DRSSTC

Click here for the Plasmasonic 1.0 DRSSTC Datasheet (PDF)


The Plasmasonic 1.0 Musical Tesla Coil is an advanced solid state Tesla Coil that produces artificial lightning at lengths from 4-5 feet in length. When operated with its MIDI handheld controller, it can create a variety of different lightning and sound effects including polyphonic music reproduction using its built-in MIDI processor. In otherwords, the user has the ability to create music through output arcs of the Plasmasonic 1.0 from any high quality MIDI source, including a keyboard, guitar, laptop, or other compatible MIDI instrument, and reproduce up to two musical tones simultaneously.

Plasmasonic 1.3 Power Upgrade - This new upgrade package includes a new high power controller and power system which is capable of producing up to 30% more output power than the 1.0 system. Perfect for creating white hot, thick output arcs, especially in a Jacob's Ladder configuration!

Power Requirements: This unit is available in both 120VAC 50/60Hz and 240VAC 50/60Hz configurations and is compatible with all single-phase power systems worldwide.

Shipping: Eastern Voltage Research ships Plasmasonic systems both internationally and domestically within the United States. Please contact us if you have any specific questions regarding shipping.

Lead Time: Each Plasmasonic 0.5 system is custom built to each customer's individual needs and specifications. This includes the many differnet options we provide for each Tesla Coil system. Because of the high level of customization, we require about 2-3 weeks after receipt of payment to manufacturer your Tesla Coil.

Advanced User Controls: Each Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil comes with a professional MIDI handheld controller (interrupter) which can operate both a musical and non-musical pulse mode. The musical mode allows MIDI input from a MIDI compatible device such as a keyboard, guitar, or computer laptop, and is able to reproduce musical tones by modulating the high voltage output of the Tesla Coil. In non-musical mode, the handheld controllers can produce an infinite variety of arc effects using its onboard adjustment knobs. Output from the handheld controllers connect to the Tesla Coils via fiber optic cable, which is immune to noise interference.

Construction: Our Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coils are beautifully and eloquently constructed using only the highest quality materials available with high attention to detail making them perfect for museum installations. The bases and enclosures and all support brackets are all CNC machined using clear polycarbonate while all electrical subassemblies utilize FR-4 circuit board construction or custom fabricated enclosures. High current connections utilize low inductance laminated copper busbar. While competitors use toroid toploads using an array of plastic disks and copper tubing, we only use professionally spun, seamless aluminum toroids in our Tesla Coils which gives them that perfect aesthetic look.

Options: A wide array of options are available for each Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil system. Please refer to the datasheet for more information regarding options, and if you have specific questions about the type of options available, please feel free to contact our sales email address provided on our contact page. Options include input voltage selection (115VAC or 230VAC), LED illumination options, power cord and fiber optic cable lengths, and more.

Price and Availability: For pricing and availability, please contact our sales staff at the sales email address provided on our contact page. We will work directly with you to determine the options which you require for your specific build and provide you with an official quoted price and lead time for your Tesla Coil. We are available 24/7 to respond to any inquires you have and can provide you with a detailed customized quote within 24 hours.

How to Order: Please contact our sales staff at the sales email address provided on our contact page for an official quote and additional information.

Payment Methods: For domestic purchases, we accept money orders, cash payment, company checks, and credit card payments through our paypal processor. (No paypal account is required.) We can also post an item through EBAY if you wish to take advantage of EBAY benefits. Purchase orders are accepted from well qualified companies, schools, and organizations. For international purchases, we only accept payment through direct bank transfer or company check.

Plasmasonic Features and Details

Beautiful spun aluminum toroids


Spun Aluminum Toroids - Exquisite Beauty

Our Plasmasonic systems use only the highest quality aluminum spun toroids as toploads. We believe that the topload of any Tesla coil system is what makes a Tesla coil, well . . . "a Tesla coil," and therefore believe that only the finest toroids possible should adorn the top of these devices. Our toroids are manufactured here in the United States by a company that has been producing them for over a half a century and are the finest quality toroids available in the world today.

You may have noticed that one of the more common methods Tesla coil builders are using to cut costs is to create toroids out of tubing and plastic disks giving them a skeleton-like appearance. Although functionally this works, we believe it detracts from the true essence of the overall design and appearance of a high power Tesla Coil.

Professional Handheld MIDI Controller


Professional Handheld MIDI Controller - Advanced Features

Included with every Plasmasonic Musical Tesla coil system is our professional handheld MIDI controller. This controller utilizes a high quality custom EMI shielded enclosure with an amazing silkscreen legend utilizing a classic military avionics control panel scheme and layout. Each handheld controller accepts a standard MIDI input and can be operated in both standard pulse and musical MIDI operating modes. Each controller can be set to one of eight MIDI channels and can be custom programmed to each user's individual tastes and requirements. The handheld controller has a fiber optic output which connects to the main Tesla coil unit. Using fiber optic communication provides a virtually 100% noise immune connection between the handheld controller and the main Tesla coil system providing flawless operation under virtually any condition.

Microprocessor Advanced Controller


Tesla Coil Advanced Controller - The "Brains" of the Plasmasonic

Our microprocessor controlled Tesla coil controller is the "brains" behind each and every Plasmasonic system. Our controllers accept a fiber optic input from our handheld MIDI controllers and control the output bridges of our Plasmasonic systems using advanced logic and feedback circuits. There are also several layers of protection embedded in these controllers including overcurrent and undervoltage detection. Onboard LED annunciators inform the end user to the status of the system and if faults are occuring.

Additionally, each advanced controller is enclosed in an EMI shielded, handsomely designed enclosure with all adjustment knobs accessible from the outside of the enclosure for easy access.

Subassembly and PCB Fabrication


US Manufactured Power and PCB Subassemblies

Each subassembly in our Plasmasonic systems are designed and built using printed wiring board (PCB) technology and manufactured using advanced automation processes in a PCB fabrication facility here in the United States. This ensures high quality construction and reduces the probability of a failed connection or incorrectly installed component. Unlike our competitors who use mostly "point-to-point" wiring for all components, our components are all integrated into PCB subassemblies and connected via connectorized and harnessed cables.

Crowbar and Bleeder Discharge Circuits


Safety Features and Discharge Circuits - High Reliability

Safety is paramount in any Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil system. We ensure that each system has several layers of safety designed and incorporated into them. Management of the capacitive energy storage of the DC bus circuit is one example. Each Plasmasonic system includes both an active and a secondary backup discharge system to ensure that the DC bus circuit is discharged upon removal of power. You will not find this dual layered safety feature in any of our competitors' Tesla coils.

Also, our larger Plasmasonic systems also employ warning indicators and buzzers as well as external interlock and E-STOP capabilities.

Low Inductance Laminated Buses


High Current Laminated Busbar - Highest Performance

If the advanced controller is the "brains" of the Plasmasonic, the half-bridge or full-bridge circuit is the "brawn" of the circuit. Because these bridge circuits switch upwards of 750A of peak current, low inductance connections between the high current IGBT transistors is crucial to ensure the Tesla coil will have a long operational life with high reliability. All of our high current bridge circuits are connected using custom 6oz. copper, 4-layer laminated bus boards. This ensures extremely high coupling between positive and negative conductors and minimizes inductance. Our competitors are still using point-to-point wiring which is prone to inducing large spikes on the transistors as well as operating less efficiently which reduces overall life of the power bridge circuits.

Primary Capacitor Thermal Management


Primary Capacitor - Superior Thermal Management

The primary capacitor is the main resonant component in any Tesla coil and is subjective to enormous peak currents which leads to considerable heating of the capacitors that make up a primary capacitor. Because of this, we utilize 6 oz. copper laminated FR-4 with integrated cooling holes which provide 360 degree cooling airflow coverage for maximum thermal performance resulting in lower capacitor temperatures and increased reliability.

Competitors mount capacitors generally to single sheets of HDPE, which is the same material that kitchen cutting boards are made of. This poor mounting method results in much less airflow coverage for each capacitor and results in higher capacitor temperatures ultimately leading to decreased component lifetime and reduced reliability.

Plasmasonic Control Panel


Intuitive Controls and Annunciators - User Friendly

High power Plasmasonic systems have a number of controls and annunciators which are controlled by an onboard computer processor which provides safety feedback and other related controls including:

  • Warning Timer - Indicator and Audible Buzzer
  • DC Bus Charging Indicator
  • Ready Indicator
  • Key Lock-out
  • External Safety Interlock circuit

New and Authorized Components


No Surplus or Used Components - Highest Quality

Eastern Voltage Research uses only new components, purchased from authorized distributors, here in the United States for each and every item in our Plasmasonic systems. In order for our competitors to offer low pricing on their products, they use second-hand and surplus components, many of them from China or Malaysia, for their Tesla coil systems. The problem with surplus components, is that there is never any way to determine how the components were previously operated and what their history was, and how much life is remaining in them. We believe that to provide the highest reliability and longest lasting systems to our customers, that only new components be used in our products.

EMI / EMC Filtering


EMI / EMC for Conducted and Radiated Emissions

The engineers at Eastern Voltage Research have extensive knowledge in the design of EMI filters for conducted emissions as well as the control of radiated emissions. As an option, we can provide filtering for both differential and common mode conducted emissions and meet both commercial and military EMI conducted emissions specifications for your Tesla Coil. We can also provide detailed information on how to effectively control radiated emissions.

Eastern Voltage Research also had all the necessary equipment to fully characterize the conducted emissions of your Tesla Coil, if required, including LISN networks and RF spectrum analyzers.

1000:1 Current Transformer


Custom Professionally Manufactured Magnetics

All of the magnetics in our Plasmasonic systems are custom designed by engineers here at Eastern Voltage Research and fabricated at magnetic manufacturing companies across the United States. This includes the secondary coils, current transformers, gate transformers, and EMI / RFI chokes and filters.

Our magnetics are fabricated using state-of-the-art computerized winding machines which ensure a high quality, consistent product each and every time they are produced. Although acceptable for the amateur, hand wound magnetics, especially in the area of secondary coils leads to large variations that can lead to reduced performance and reliability in the long run.

Computer Controlled Sequencing


Advanced Computer Controlled Sequencing

Control and power sequencing of our Plasmasonic systems is performed either through the use of microprocessor based circuits or in the case of our larger systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). These advanced control circuits control the following functions:

  • Start-up and sequencing of power relays
  • Warning LED, buzzers, and other annunciators
  • Cooling fan management
  • DC Bus inrush current control
  • External safety interlocks and E-STOP circuits




The video above showing dual Plasmasonic Musical DRSSTCs running playing the Close Encounters of the Third Kind mothership dialogue scene from the movie. The glowing tubes behind the Tesla Coils are just two (2) four feet long fluorescent lights lying on the deck railing.


The video above shows duel Plasmasonic Musical DRSSTCs running playing "Entry of the Gladiators" which is a very famous marched most frequency used in circus shows around the worldwide. The MIDI playback is being done via a laptop computer running the MIDI playback and editing software called Anvil Studio which can be downloaded by free on the internet. The USB-to-MIDI interface being used is a Yamaha UX-16 device and we are also using a MIDI Solutions Quadra-Thru device which splits our single MIDI output into four (4) identical outputs which are then connected to two Plasmasonic Handheld MIDI controllers which are set for MIDI Channels 1 and 2 respectively. Please recognize that the audio quality here is very poor as this video was captured using a small handheld cell phone which does not have a good microphone.


The above video shows how a Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil can be used in a classroom setting for demonstrations. Here, two Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coils are running in duel mode for a Science Fair night at a local elementary school. The composition being played is called "Tubular Bells" which is a progressive rock piece composed by Mike Oldfield. Most people recogonize this composition as it was used for the release of the "Exorcist" movie back in 1973, the same time the composition was released. Please recognize that the audio quality here is very poor as this video was captured using a small handheld cell phone which does not have a good microphone. The popping noises you here are a result of the cellphone microphone being over powered by the sheer volume of the Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coils and not something that is actually audible in person.

Single Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil playing the theme to "Indiana Jones." This is a great example of polyphonic MIDI playback using a single Tesla Coil.

The Plasmasonic is an advanced solid state Tesla Coil that produces artificial lightning at lengths up to five (5) feet. * When operated with its handheld controller, it can create a variety of different lightning and sound effects including polyphonic music reproduction using its built-in MIDI interface. In otherwords, the user has the ability to create music through output arcs of the Plasmasonic from any high quality MIDI source, including a keyboard, guitar, laptop, or other compatible MIDI instrument, and reproduce up to two tones simultaneously.

* Operated at 140VAC, 60Hz input

Plasmasonic 1.0 DRSSTC Detailed Photo Gallery

Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil
Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic DRSSTC Primary Capacitor Universal MIDI Interrupter

Click here for the Plasmasonic 1.0 DRSSTC Datasheet (PDF) - Available now

Click here for the Plasmasonic 1.0 Limited Warranty Statement (PDF)

Click here for the Plasmasonic DRSSTC Instruction Manual (PDF) - REVISION - OFFICIAL RELEASE



- Lightweight and easily transportable
- Operates from 115VAC, 50/60Hz
- Highly reliable and easily repairable
- Nom. output arc length: 4 feet @ 115VAC (1.0 system)
- Max. output arc length: 5 feet @ 140VAC (see datasheet for more information) (1.0 system)
- Fully modular design
- All subassemblies prebuilt and tested
- Handheld MIDI Controller (polyphonic and interrupter modes)
- Polyphonic MIDI playback
- Inrush and safety bleed system for power supply
- RGB LED Illumination system (optional)


Replacement Fiber Optic Cable (Available in 5M and 10M lengths)

Choose length






MIDI Cable (Available in 3 and 10 foot lengths)

Choose length






Yamaha UX-16 MIDI-to-USB Interface
(Required when using your laptop to playback MIDI files)






Replacement Fuse, 1A
This is the control power fuse for the Plasmasonic 1.0 DRSSTC



Replacement Fuse, 2A
This is the fan power fuse for the Plasmasonic 1.0 DRSSTC



Replacement Fuse, 20A
This is the main bridge power fuse for the Plasmasonic 1.0 DRSSTC.