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Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil

  Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil
Plasmasonic DRSSTC
Plasmasonic DRSSTC

Click here for the Plasmasonic 2.0 DRSSTC Datasheet (PDF)

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The Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil is an advanced solid state Tesla Coil that produces artificial lightning at lengths from 8 to 12 feet. When operated with its MIDI handheld controller, it can create a variety of different lightning and sound effects including polyphonic music reproduction using its built-in MIDI processor. In otherwords, the user has the ability to create music through output arcs of the Plasmasonic 2.0 from any high quality MIDI source, including a keyboard, guitar, laptop, or other compatible MIDI instrument, and reproduce up to two musical tones simultaneously.

The Plasmasonic 2.0 is our most popular high power system and is being used in educational, commercial, and museum installations around the world. The Plasmasonic 2.0 is easily transportable as well lending itself as a work horse for STEM and other science based educational demonstrations. It also is the perfect solution for permanent museum exhibits.

Power Requirements: This unit is available in 220/230/240VAC 50/60Hz configurations and is compatible with all single-phase power systems worldwide. Its full operating range is from 115VAC to 240VAC 50/60Hz, however, performance is reduced at lower operating voltages.

Shipping: Eastern Voltage Research ships Plasmasonic systems both internationally and domestically within the United States. Please contact us if you have any specific questions regarding shipping.

Lead Time: Each Plasmasonic 2.0 system is custom built to each customer's individual needs and specifications. This includes the many differnet options we provide for each Tesla Coil system. Please contact us regarding current lead times for this specific product.

Advanced User Controls: Each Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil comes with a professional MIDI handheld controller (interrupter) which can operate both a musical and non-musical pulse mode. The musical mode allows MIDI input from a MIDI compatible device such as a keyboard, guitar, or computer laptop, and is able to reproduce musical tones by modulating the high voltage output of the Tesla Coil. In non-musical mode, the handheld controllers can produce an infinite variety of arc effects using its onboard adjustment knobs. Output from the handheld controllers connect to the Tesla Coils via fiber optic cable, which is immune to noise interference.

Construction: Our Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coils are beautifully and eloquently constructed using only the highest quality materials available with high attention to detail making them perfect for museum installations. The bases and enclosures and all support brackets are all CNC machined using clear polycarbonate while all electrical subassemblies utilize FR-4 circuit board construction or custom fabricated enclosures. High current connections utilize low inductance laminated copper busbar. While competitors use toroid toploads using an array of plastic disks and copper tubing, we only use professionally spun, seamless aluminum toroids in our Tesla Coils which gives them that perfect aesthetic look.

Options: A wide array of options are available for each Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil system. Please refer to the datasheet for more information regarding options, and if you have specific questions about the type of options available, please feel free to contact our sales email address provided on our contact page. Options include input voltage selection (115VAC or 230VAC), LED illumination options, power cord and fiber optic cable lengths, and more.

Price and Availability: For pricing and availability, please contact our sales staff at the sales email address provided on our contact page. We will work directly with you to determine the options which you require for your specific build and provide you with an official quoted price and lead time for your Tesla Coil. We are available 24/7 to respond to any inquires you have and can provide you with a detailed customized quote within 24 hours.

How to Order: Please contact our sales staff at the sales email address provided on our contact page for an official quote and additional information.

Payment Methods: For domestic purchases, we accept money orders, cash payment, company checks, and credit card payments through our paypal processor. (No paypal account is required.) We can also post an item through EBAY if you wish to take advantage of EBAY benefits. Purchase orders are accepted from well qualified companies, schools, and organizations. For international purchases, we only accept payment through direct bank transfer or company check.

Plasmasonic 2.0 DRSSTC Detailed Photo Gallery

Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil
Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil Plasmasonic 2.0 Musical Tesla Coil  
Universal MIDI Interrupter Universal MIDI Interrupter Universal DRSSTC Controller  

Click here for the Plasmasonic 2.0 DRSSTC Instruction Manual (PDF)



- Relatively light weight and portable system - Easy transportable. Fits in a large car or SUV and can be managed by a single person.
- Operates from 220-240VAC 50/60Hz (full operating range is from 110VAC to 240VAC 50/60Hz, although performance is reduced at lower operating voltages)
- Designed for high reliability
- Nom. output arc length: 8+ feet
- Max. ouptut arc length: 12 feet (depends on specific configuration and input voltage range)
- Fully modular design
- Front control panel with indicator LEDs and Warning Buzzers
- Safety key lock-out prevents unauthorized use
- Fully built and tuned and ready for operation out of the crate
- Handheld MIDI Controller (polyphonic and interrupter modes)
- Polyphonic MIDI playback
- Inrush and safety bleed system for power supply
- RGB LED Illumination system (optional)
- Dimensions: TBD
- Weight: TBD


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