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mini Plasmasonic Audio Modulated Tesla Coil



mini Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil

We are pleased to annouce a new product offering from Eastern Voltage Research - the mini Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil. This plasma speaker is fully built solid state Tesla Coil with a rotating speaker electrode that can be modulated with any RCA line level or microphone audio level source via an onboard 1/8" audio jack. It is ready to go right out of the box with no building required. This is an extremely impressive demonstration unit for use with your friends or in the classroom. A low voltage switching power supply and 1/8" audio patch cord is included with purchase. Also has onboard LEDs which are sychronized with the music for additional special effects!

The mini Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil is sold as a complete unit - Ready to go out of the box!

Click here for mini Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil instructions (PDF) - Available now



- Produces vibrant blue rotational arc - very impressive!
- Frequency Response: 120Hz to 40kHz (calculated)
- Onboard LEDs for visual effect - sychronized with audio signal (color may vary)
- Audio Input: 1/8" female audio jack - Compatible with cell phone head phone outputs and RCA line level sources
- Strong electric field lights up fluorescent and neon lights with ease
- Onboard potentiometer allows audio gain adjustment
- Excellent SSTC for a school science project, demonstration, or science fair


mini Plasmasonic Musical Tesla Coil - Complete unit
Printed Circuit Board and Resonator
Includes low voltage power supply (AC powered)
Includes 1/8" male-to-male audio patch cord
No assembly required!