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mini MIDI DRSSTC Controller

mini MIDI DRSSTC Controller


The mini MIDI Controller is our most cost effective solution for those wanting inexpensive MIDI playback for their conventional Solid State Tesla Coil (SSTC) or Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil (DRSSTC).  The interface is a complete solution designed to convert your SSTC or DRSSTC into a musical instrument by allowing one to directly connect any MIDI type instrument, such as a keyboard or synthesizer, directly to the input of their coil and play music through it. The advanced microcontroller controlled interface allows the playing of both single (monophonic) and multiple (polyphonic) notes through your Tesla Coil. 

The mini MIDI Controller can be user configured through the use of onboard poteniometers to program the maximum output pulsewidths of both the highest and lowest MIDI notes, while software will linear map pulsewidth across this entire operation during playback. In otherwords, you can program your maximum pulsewidths for your low frequency notes to be say 500us, and your maximum pulsewidths for your highest frequency notes to be say 100us, and the microcontroller will linear scale pulsewidths across the entire frequency range. This is important as it allows one to have an almost constant duty cycle, or power output across the entire musical note range. A shaft actuated potentiometer is also provided to allow the user to vary the output power of the controller. In otherwords, this controls or scales the entire output pulsewidths from 0 to 100% of maximum programmed pulsewidth.

A single onboard LED provides both power status and MIDI communication status during operation. There is also an ON/OFF switch.

To provide maximum compatibility with nearly all fiber optic controller Tesla Coils, both an Agilent HFBR1412T and Industrial Fiber Optics IF-E96E fiber optic connector option is provided.

With ease and simplicity in mind, our kits are specifically designed to use thru-hole components which allows for quick and easy soldering.  Also, our kits have all connectors and user controls mounted directly to the board (with the option of externally mounting them if desired) which gives a very neat and professional appearance.

The mini MIDI Controller is compatible with both our microBrute and miniBrute line of DRSSTCs!

Please note that this controller provides MIDI functionality only. It does not offer standard pulse mode functionality. If you need a controller that offers both modes of operation, including other modes, please see our Universal MIDI 1.0 Interrupter.

mini MIDI Controller (Dual DRSSTCs) - The above video was created using two of our standard Plasmasonic DRSSTC controllers, but the the MIDI algorithms and outputs are identical for the mini MIDI Controller, so this is an exact representation of what you are getting with the mini MIDI Controller.


mini MIDI DRSSTC Controller mini MIDI DRSSTC Controller mini MIDI DRSSTC Controller mini MIDI DRSSTC Controller

Click here for the mini MIDI Controller Instruction Manual (PDF) - Available now



- Onboard MIDI Input Connector (5-Pin DIN)
- Optically Isolated Input
- MIDI mode maximum pulsewidth range (high note) - 0-1ms
- MIDI mode maximum pulsewidth range (low note) - 0-1ms
- Both HFBR1412T and IF-E963E Fiber Optic connectors available
- Operates from 7-12VDC
- ON/OFF Switch
- Two trimmer potentiometers to set maximum pulsewidths (high and low note)
- Shaft potentiometer to vary output power from 0-100%
- Onboard LED provides both power and MIDI status
- Preset to MIDI Channel 1
- Monophonic and Polyphonic Playback Available


mini MIDI Controller - No connectors
(Includes PCB, components, MIDI connector)







mini MIDI Controller - HFBR1412T Connector
(Includes PCB, components, MIDI connector, HFBR1412T connector)







mini MIDI Controller - IF-E96E Connector
(Includes PCB, components, MIDI connector, IF-E96E connector)







mini MIDI Controller - DELUXE VERSION
(Includes PCB, components, MIDI connector, both HFBR1412T and IF-E963E fiber optic connectors)




Yamaha UX-16 USB-to-MIDI Interface
This USB-to-MIDI interface is the one unit we have fully tested with our DRSSTCs and Controllers and what we recommend to everyone who is interested in playing music through their Tesla Coil using a laptop computer.






Power Supply, Plug-in, 9VDC, 1A






Battery Connector, 9V






Fiber Optic Cable, ST-ST, 62.5/125, 5 Meter Length (Orange)






Fiber Optic Cable, ST-ST, 62.5/125, 10 Meter Length (Orange)






MIDI Cable - 3 Foot Length






MIDI Cable - 10 Foot Length