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Marx Generator 1.0 Kit - Twelve Stages 72kV

Marx Generator 1.0 Kit


Please let me introduce one of most exciting kits available - the Marx Generator 1.0 Kit. Nowhere else in the world today will you find a complete Marx Generator kit available for the amateur. As you may recall, a Marx Generator is a multi-stage voltage multiplication device in which each stage capacitor's are charged in parallel, and then with the aid of carefully spaced spark gaps, the entire stack of capacitors is discharged in series creating a very intense, ultrafast rise-time high voltage pulse. This the type of technology that is used to simulate real lightning and Marx Generators the size of 10 story buildings have been design and used to test lightning on aircraft, instruments, and other industrial products. Now you can build your own Marx Generator in the comfort of your house.

The Marx Generator 1.0 is a 12-stage device and has a 6kV capacitor for each stage. Therefore, with a 6kV charging voltage, the theoretical maximum high voltage output pulse would be 72kV! It can produce output arcs of approximately 1-2" depending on input voltage, spark gap spacing and tuning, and atmospheric conditions. This kit comes with all capacitors, charge resistors, series limiting resistor, as well as right angle mounting brackets so that it may be mounted vertically. The PCB itself is made from extremely strudy 0.124" thick FR-4 and has internal cut-outs so that each spark gap can be seen during operation.

Please note that this is an advanced development kit that is designed for amateurs that have at least some knowledge of Marx Generators and how they work. The kit does require careful spacing and tuning of each single spark gap for reliable operation.

The input to the Marx Generator must be a high voltage source of at least 1kV and not more than 6kV. If you do not have a charge source available, we recommend purchasing the combined HV Multiplier / Marx Generator kit below or adding our HV Multiplier 1.0 Kit.

Here is a brief demonstration video of the Marx Generator 1.0 in action
(Video courtesy of one of our Beta Testers - Alex1M6 from the UK)

Marx Generator 1.0 Kit Marx Generator 1.0 Kit Marx Generator 1.0 Kit  

Click here for the Marx Generator 1.0 Instruction Manual (PDF) - Coming soon!



- 12 Parallel Stages
- 6kV per Stage maximum.
- Maximum theoretical output voltage - 72kV
- Products 1-2" of output arc depending on input voltage source, spark gap tuning, and atmosphere conditions
- 0.124" thick FR-4 PCB board
- Mounting brackets included for vertical mounting


Marx Generator Kit 1.0 - Board Only
This is the perfect solution if you want to supply your own capacitors and charging resistors.






Marx Generator 1.0 Kit
Includes the PCB board, all components, and mounting brackets
(Requires an input high voltage source)






Marx Generator 1.0 / HV Multiplier Combined Kit
Includes the PCB board, all components, and mounting brackets, as well as our HV Multiplier 1.0 kit which is used as the input voltage source. Please note that our HV Multiplier 1.0 kit has a maximum input voltage of 120VAC, 50/60Hz. This kit also includes 1 Foot of 15kV high voltage wire to connect the output of the HV Multiplier 1.0 to the input of the Marx. Generator 1.0.





$2.00 / FT

High Voltage Wire, 15kVDC - For connecting input voltage source
20 AWG, 0.126" DIA
Rated at 5kVAC, 15kVDC with internal corona suppression
Silicone Rubber, Silver Plated Copper