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Lightning Detector 1.0 Kit


The Lightning Detector 1.0 Kit is a perfect solution for anyone who enjoys building electronic kits and tracking the weather as well. This lightning detector utilizes a novel lightning detector tank circuit which can detect lightning strikes of any nearby thunderstorm. When a lightning strike is detected, a microprocessor control circuit will register the strike, increment a strike counter, and also alert the user through both an LED and / or buzzer. A high current output is also provided so the user can interface a relay, or other external circuit. An integration circuit, with programmable gain settings, will indicate the relative intensity of the approaching storm. The circuit also includes adjustable detection sensitivity, a LED-backlit 16x2 LCD display, and a set-up menu routine which allows the user to program alert settings, gain, and other settings. An option for using a High Intensity Luxeon LED is also provided (1.5 Kit).

Please note that this kit is only for hobby use only. It should not be used for safety, personal or equipment protection, or scientific use.

Click here for Lightning Detector 1.0 Instruction Manual (PDF)

Lightning Detector 1.0 Kit
Lightning Detector 1.0 Kit
Lightning Detector 1.0 Kit
Lightning Detector 1.0 Kit




- Detects lightning strikes up to several miles away (stock antenna)
- Includes 36" Telescopic Long Antenna
- LED and Buzzer Strike Indicators
- Additional High Current Output Driver for Relays, Lamps, High Current LEDs
- Optional Ultra Brightness 3W LED (shown above right) - Customer supplied.
- Storm Level Indicator with Bar Graph
- Adjustable Sensitivity
- 16x2 Character LCD with User Set-up Menu Functions
- For educational and hobby use only - Not to be used for Safety or Personal Protection






Lightning Detector 1.0 Complete Kit
Includes PC Board, Components, Antenna, Power Supply
Available Now!



Lightning Detector - Schematic Only
(The schematic is included in the above kit - this option is for those wishing to only purchase the schematic.)



Programmed PIC Microcontroller for Lightning Detector 1.5
(Includes schematic)