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Flicker 1.0 Multi-effect Light Controller

 Fright Research Flicker 1.0 LED Controller


The Flicker 1.0 is an advanced special effects pattern generator and dimmer designed specifically for LEDs and low voltage incandescent and halogen bulbs. A single pushbutton allows the user to cycle through a wide array of output light patterns including ember, candle, and flame flicker modes, flashing and strobe effects, simulated neon and electrical fixture flicker, and a lightning simulation mode. Steady state brightness modes are also available. Internal memory allows the device to resume the previously selected output mode in the event power is loss to the device.

The Flicker 1.0 is the most advanced flicker pattern generator on the market today. It utilizes true random flicker algorithms that provide the most realistic candle simulation possible. At 6A maximum output current, the Flicker 1.0 also has the highest current capability of any flicker device available today. The Flicker 1.0 is compatible with both LEDs and low voltage halogen and incandescent bulbs.

Operational Modes:

- Full ON
- Dimming (High, Med, Low)
- Ember Mode
- Candle Mode
- Fire Mode (Low, High)
- Windy Fire Mode
- Electrical Flicker
- Electrical Surge
- Electrical Surge (Dim mode)
- Strobe (Slow, Med, Fast)
- Pulsation (Fast, Med, Slow)
- Pulsation Nightmare Mode (For dark and spooky environments)


Click here for the Flicker 1.0 Instruction Manual (PDF) - Available now



- Operates from 7- 24VDC
- 20 Operational Modes
- Compatible with LEDs, incadescent, and halogen lights
- Output current: 4A Max.
- Single button allows easy and quick way to change output patterns
- Internal memory saves previous mode setting
- Onboard LED indicator displays output mode with no external lights connected
- True random and non-repeating pattern generation
- Flange mount enclosure allows easy mounting


Flicker 1.0 Multi-effects Light Controller