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EXTREME Joule Thief - High Power 1W Cree LED

Joule Thief 3.0 Kit


This is one powerful Joule Thief kit! On tap with these kits is an INTENSE 1W Cree X-Lamp LED putting out an incredible amount of light - all from a single AA battery. As with previous Joule Thief kits, this one is also designed for use with batteries that are already on their way out. However, we do recommend the use of a new battery with these power houses as they pack a punch! Offered in both cool white and warm white (as shown above), they LEDs will literally illuminate a large room. They are blindingly bright and just as much fun! My kids absolutely love them - especially when camping. Just be warned - they are extremely bright - the photos do not do them justice. So we do urge caution when using these as not to injure your eyes.

The EXTREME Joule Thief kit utilize a dedicated onboard 1W LED driver which can operate from voltages as low as 0.8V. There is an onboard potentiometer which can vary the output current of the driver from 0mA to 350mA. The Joule Thief kit can also run customer supplied LEDs with Vfwd voltages up to 4.4V. There is also a soft turn-on / turn-off feature incorporated into the design.

Joule Thief 3.0 Kit Joule Thief 3.0 Kit Joule Thief 3.0 Kit Joule Thief 3.0 Kit

Click here for the EXTREME Joule Thief Instruction Manual (PDF) - Available now



- Operating Voltage Range - >0.8V (However, we recommend a fresh AA battery for maximum performance)
- ON/OFF switch
- Operates from single AA battery
- EXTREMELY Bright 1 Watt Cree X-Lamp LED (These are INTENSE!)
- Available in Cool White and Warm White (Warm white is similar to incandescent bulb)
- Adjustable brightness levels via onboard potentiometer
- Soft start / soft turn-off
- Available in both cool white and warm light colors
- Utilizes surface mount technology (SMT)


EXTREME Joule Thief - PCB Board Only






EXTREME Joule Thief - Complete Kit
Ultrabright 1W Cree X-Lamp LED
Please specify color temperature when ordering.

Please select LED color






EXTREME Joule Thief - Multipack of 5
Ultrabright 1W Cree X-Lamp LED
Total of five (5) complete kits - perfect for kids and schools
Please specify color temperature when ordering

Please select LED color