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Universal Flyback Driver 1.0


The Universal Flyback 1.0 driver is designed to drive flyback transformers all almost any size. This driver can also be used to drive SSTCs as well as it features a standard half-bridge for its switching output stage. Onboard potentiometers can be used to set the output switching frequency from 10kHz up to 300kHz.

Click here for the Universal Flyback Driver 1.0 Instruction Manual (PDF)

Please note this kit includes a u-channel type heatsink (shown above) which must be machined by the end user using a drill press. Machining involes simply drilling and countersinking a few holes. A 1:1 paper template is included in the kit.



- Designed to drive most flyback transformers - big and small
- Adjustable output frequency from 10kHz to 300kHz
- Adjustable onboard linear regulator allows you to vary the output HV
- Can also be used to drive most SSTCs


Universal Flyback Driver Board Kit
Printed Circuit Board and Board Mounted components
Includes Aluminum Heatsink and Power Transformer
(Does not include HV Flyback Transformer)



Universal Flyback Driver 1.0 - Schematic Only