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flexiBrute DRSSTC Modulator

 flexiBrute DRSSTC Modulator / Interrupter

fThe flexiBrute DRSSTC Modulator is our professional grade modulator designed for use with both Solid State Tesla Coils (SSTCs) and Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils (DRSSTCs). This modulator (or interrupter as it is sometimes referred as) is used to control the output of a pulsed Tesla Coil by sending it pulses of varying pulsewidth and frequency. This controller is a no-nonsense solution to that providing the user with maximum flexibility but at the same time simplicity as only two knobs are required for operation. One knob controls frequency while the other controls pulsewidth. It doesn't get simpler than that folks!

However, don't let the simple appearance fool you. The inside is anything but simple. This unit features several protection features as well as maximum flexibility. The end user can internally program the range of pulsewidths and frequencies which are required for his / her specific Tesla Coil system. An infinite number of pulsewidth and frequency ranges is possible. There is also a low-frequency / high pulsewidth bypass mode which allows one to pulse the coil at very low frequencies and long pulsewidths. Maximum pulsewidth and duty cycle protection is also provided as well as five (5) status LEDs.

The modulator features both an electrical BNC output which is compatible with most 5V logic systems as well as a fiber optic output with an ST type connector.

This modulator can be used with any DRSSTC system, including our microBrute and miniBrute kits, and is suitable for low-power DRSSTCs as well as monster DRSSTC systems utilizing paralleld CM600 full-bridges.

flexiBrute Modulator flexiBrute DRSSTC Modulator flexiBrute DRSSTC Modulator flexiBrute DRSSTC Modulator

Click here for the flexiBrute Modulator Datasheet (PDF) - Coming soon



- Real time pulsewidth and PRF (pulse repetition frequency) controls via onboard potentiometers
- Electrical BNC output (5V output compatible with all 5V logic systems)
- Fiber optic output (ST connector) - Optional
- Maximum pulsewidth protection (user programmable)
- Maximum duty cycle protection (user programmable) - protect against CW conditions and limit power to your DRSSTC
- Five (5) LEDs to indicate status of operation
- Operates from a single 9V battery
- Eight (8) user selectable pulsewidth ranges (modes)
- Sixteen (16) user selectable PRF ranges (modes)
- User can configure the unit to any pulsewidth or PRF range by internally modifying the timing circuits (RC values)

Coming Soon

flexiBrute 1.0 Modulator - Standard Version
Includes Enclosure and Printed Circuit Board with components
(Standard version outputs modulator / interrupter signal through BNC connector)





Coming Soon

flexiBrute 1.0 Modulator - Fiber Optic Version
Includes Enclosure and Printed Circuit Board with components
(FIber optic version outputs modulator / interrupter signals through both BNC connector and ST fiber optic connector)