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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a SSTC?
An SSTC is a Solid State Tesla Coil. The term usually tends to encompass any Tesla coil that is driven with solid state switching devices such as bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), metal oxided semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs), or Insulated Gate Transistors (IGBTs). Conventional Tesla Coils use a mechanical spark gap as the primary switching device with primary voltages most commonly ranging from 12kV - 14.4kV. On the otherhand, SSTCs typically run on low voltages ranging anywhere from 12VDC up to 800VDC depending on the size of the coil. This definition technically would include DRSSTCs as well, but in the context of the kits offered for sale on this website, SSTC is used to describe solid state Tesla coils that are non-disruptive (non-pulsed) based and usually run at higher duty cycles, including CW (continuous), but at lower average power.

What is a DRSSTC?
A DRSSTC is a Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil and produces almost an identical output to that of a conventional spark gap coil. DRSSTCs are disruptive (pulsed) systems and almost always utilize IGBTs as the primary switching devices as peak currents in the primary circuit can exceed 500A! DRSSTCs are without a doubt the most impressive type of Tesla coil in the world today.

What is the difference between a SSTC and DRSSTC?
SSTCs are generally run at close to continous (CW) duty cycles, while DRSSTCs are pulsed at very low duty cycles. SSTCs produce very thick looking arcs that are relatively quiet while DRSSTCs produce output similar to conventional spark gap Tesla coils.

What is an audio modulated Tesla coil?
An audio modulated Tesla coil is one where the solid state switching circuits are modulated with an audio signal - either that from a music instrument such as a keyboard, or from CD player. The resulting effect is that the high voltage arc itself is power modulated by the music signal and becomes a plasma speaker. SSTCs running in continous (CW) mode can produce music just like a conventional speaker can, while DRSSTCs will simply produce audio "tones" by pulsing the arcs at the particular music frequency.

Do you sell completed Tesla coils?
At present, we do not offer completed Tesla coils to the amateur or public market, although we do offer them commercially.

Why do you only sell kits?
Due to liability reasons, we are only able to offer kits at this time to the general public.

What kind of skills should I have to properly build one of the Tesla coil kits?
One should have good soldering skills and some understanding of basic electronics fundamentals to build our entry level kits which include the SSTC 1.0, SSTC 2.0, Universal Flyback Driver, and Class-E Audio kit. Detailed instructions are included with these kits, and should be relatively easy to build and finish with a working Tesla coil. The more advanced kits such as the DRSSTC kits will generally require strong troubleshooting skills as well as access to a multimeter and oscilloscope. If you have any questions about any of the kits, feel free to contact us at anytime. We will gladly address any concerns you might have of a particular kit and answer all your questions regarding that kit.

Why are your kits more expensive than other internet based electronics kit companies?
This is an excellent question. The reason our kits are more expensive than many of the other electronics kit companies out there is for two primary reasons. The first reason is that solid state Tesla coils are highly advanced power circuits that require to be able to switch both high voltage and very high currents, especially with the DRSSTCs. This of course requires switching MOSFETs and IGBTs that are specialized and relatively expense. Secondly, because these circuits need to switch high voltages and high currents, we tend to use only the highest quality components to ensure the high performance and reliability needed for a SSTC or DRSSTC. Most electronic kits manufacturers on the market use surplus purchased components and / or inferior grade components for their kits. But of course, that police siren kit from Super Kits Unlimited isn't required to switch 500A peak current either!