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mini QCW DRSSTC Tesla Coil Kit

Our design team has been working feverishly to be the first to release a commercially available and affordable QCW Tesla Coil kit using this exciting new topology. Our initial prototypes have been promising to date and we are working on the final details of both the electrical and mechanical design prior to releasing this kit to the public. Our prototype design has been fully tested and complete. We are now working out the details to release this as a kit.

Click here for mini QCW DRSSTC Instruction Manual (PDF) - Coming Soon!



- Produces up to 24" arcs from a 6" Tesla Resonator
- Operates from 115VAC 50/60Hz
- Microprocessor controlled
- Hand held controller allows user to adjust pulsewidth and PRF
- Bright blue LED illumination scheme adds that extra sizzle!
- Excellent SSTC for a school science project, demonstration, or science fair


mini QCW DRSSTC Tesla Coil Kit
Printed Circuit Board and Components