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miniBrute DRSSTC Tesla Coil Kit



The miniBrute DRSSTC Tesla system, which is featured in the book, DRSSTC: Building the Modern Day Tesla Coil - MiniBrute Reference Design, is a small two foot solid state Tesla coil which is specially designed to product the biggest arcs possible in the smallest package. At only two feet high, including the base, this system produces output arcs of 36 inches in length and when properly tuned can produce arcs exceeding 48 inches. And when used in conjuction with the Advanced Modulator, this DRSSTC is capable of creating a wide array of effects including burst modes, single shot mode, long pulse mode, and an infinite number of other effects with continuously variable pulsewidth and PRF parameters. With the Xenosonic Audio Modulator, you can even connect this coil to your keyboard or synthesizer and play music through the high voltage arcs.

Please note that the miniBrute Reference Design, which includes complete electrical and mechanical plans and instructions is not included with any of the kits. This book must be purchased separately. Schematics can be provided at no charge for any miniBrute Kit order via email.

Also note that an controller, also called an Interrupter or Modulator is also required for the operation of the miniBrute DRSSTC. We recommend the Advanced Modulator for all of the miniBrute DRSSTC kits as it provides the most functionality.

miniBrute DRSSTC Kit
miniBrute DRSSTC Kit
miniBrute DRSSTC Kit
miniBrute DRSSTC Kit


Click here for the addendum document to the miniBrute design and book (PDF)

Cllick here for the addendum document to the miniBrute design and book (PDF) - REV D updated version March 2013

Click here to see comparison between DRSSTC packages

Note: The purchase of the miniBrute DRSSTC Reference Design Book is strongly recommended for building this coil. This book includes the full schematics, parts lists, mechanical and electrical drawings, instructions, troubleshooting, theory, and more.

This kit has an Advanced Level 2 difficulty rating.

We recommend using IC Sockets when building your kit. You are welcome to use your own IC sockets or you can select the IC socket option below when you check out. We supply high quality, machined pin IC sockets for our kits - the highest quality available.



- Produces output arcs in excess of 36 inches. (48+ inches is possible with proper tuning)
- Operates from 115VAC, 50/60Hz
- Full Color Instruction book provides exceptionally detailed mechanical and electrical drawings
- An infinite amount of spark effects, including audio modulation, can be created using the Advanced Modulator or Xenosonic


miniBrute DRSSTC Bareboard Package ( 9 Total Boards)
Includes: Self-Resonant Controller Board, Current Transformer Board, Fault / Status / Current Meter Board, Rectifier Board, Half-Bridge Power Board, and several LED Illumination Boards (Components not included)
$149.99 EA




miniBrute DRSSTC Kit 1.0
Includes the miniBrute DRSSTC Bareboard Package and all board mounted components, including control transformer, to populate those boards. Includes (2) IXYS 600V, 60A IGBTs.
$399.99 EA

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miniBrute DRSSTC Kit 1.5
Includes the miniBrute DRSSTC Bareboard Package, and ALL electrical components for the entire coil including board components, primary and secondary copper tubing, magnet wire, DC bus capacitors, bleed resistors, relays, switches, AC power plugs, and extruded heatsink. Basically everything that is needed except for general wiring, enclosure, cooling fan, coilforms, and toroid.
$649.99 EA (Allow 1-2 weeks processing time for this kit)

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13" x 4" Spun Aluminum Toroid
Mounting hole for 1/4" hardware
13" DIA x 4" Height
This is the exact toroid specified in our miniBrute DRSSTC system.
$199.99 EA





miniBrute Panel Kit (2 Panels)
Professionally machined front / rear panels for use with the miniBrute DRSSTC
Available now!




DRSSTC: Building the Modern Day Tesla Coil
miniBrute Reference Design Book
Complete plans and instructions for the miniBrute DRSSTC System

This book can only be purchased directly through

Click here to order this book:



DRSSTC: Building the Modern Day Tesla Coil
miniBrute Reference Design (120 Full Color Pages)
Economy Edition - Laser Prints (unbounded)



miniBrute DRSSTC - Schematic Only
(The schematic is included for the kits above - this option is for those wishing to purchase the schematic separately. Also, the schematic is also included in the miniBrute Reference Design Book)