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microBrute DRSSTC Tesla Coil Kit


Sample video of the microBrute DRSSTC in action. This video was captured using our original prototype system.




The microBrute DRSSTC is scaled down version of our popular miniBrute DRSSTC system and was specifically designed as an entry level DRSSTC system. The coil easily produces output arcs in excess of 15" (38cm) and with additional fine tuning, can reach arc lengths approaching 20". The beauty of the microBrute DRSSTC system is that all components have been integrated onto a single PC board. This includes the self-resonant driver, 340VDC bus power supply, IGBT half-bridge, and MMC capacitor. The system does not require an external variac either. Power output of the system can be controlled directly through the microBrute handheld controller. The handheld controller also allows the user to vary pulsewidth and pulse repetition frequency providing a wide array of effects.

Please note this kit is designed for 115VAC, 50/60Hz operation. If you live outside the US and your electric is based on 230VAC, 50/60Hz, then you will need to provide your own 230VAC to 115VAC 50/60Hz step-down transformer for proper operation.

Click here for the microBrute DRSSTC Instruction Manual (PDF)

Click here for the microBrute Modulator Instruction Manual - REV2 (PDF) For boards marked SC2079-

Click here for the microBrute Modulator Instruction Manual - REVA (PDF) For boards marked SC2079 REVA

Please note that this kit is an advanced kit and rated as an Advanced Level 1 Kit. It is not recommended for beginners. Please see our difficulty guide for additional information regarding the difficulty of this kit.

We recommend using IC Sockets when building your kit. You are welcome to use your own IC sockets or you can select the IC socket option below when you check out. We supply high quality, machined pin IC sockets for our kits - the highest quality available.



- Produces output arcs in excess of 15 inches. (20+ inches is possible with fine tuning)
- Operates from 115VAC, 50/60Hz
- Single integrated board contains all DRSSTC components - No need to mount everything separately
- microBrute handheld controller has independent power, pulsewidth, and frequency controls
- Perfect for classroom and science fair demonstrations!


microBrute DRSSTC Board Kit 1.0
This kit only includes the Integrated driver board, board mounted components, and extruded aluminum heatsink. (It does not include a control transformer, fuses, power cords, Tesla Resonator, toroid, or Handheld Controller)
We strongly recommend using IC Sockets - Choose option at right.

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microBrute DRSSTC Kit 1.5
Includes the integrated driver board and all components, control transformer, Tesla resonator, toroid, and microBrute handheld controller kit
(This kit requires a cooling fan for proper operation which is not included. We recommend an AC muffin fan for this.)
We strongly recommend using IC Sockets - Choose option at right.

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microBrute Handheld Controller (Modulator)
Includes all components, including enclosure, laser etched front panel, PC board, and components
(Please note, if you order the full microBrute DRSSTC Kit 1.5, a handheld controller is included)



Replacement Capacitor for the microBrute DRSSTC
(Note: There are a total of two (2) of these capacitors per board.)
Electrolytic Capacitor, 1000uF, 200V
$7.50 EA



microBrute DRSSTC - Schematic Only
Schematics are included with above kits. This option is only for those who wish to purchase only the schematic.