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IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227)

DRSSTC Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227)

The half-bridge switching circuit delivers the high peak currents and energy required from your SSTC or DRSSTC to produce those monster high voltage arcs. This SOT-227 based IGBT half-bridge board is designed for low to mid power DRSSTCs and SSTCs and capable of producing output arcs up to 5 feet in length. It utilizes two (2) SOT-227 packaged IGBTs and designed to operate from a DC bus voltage of 400VDC. (If alternate transient voltage suppressors are utilized, operating voltage can be increased to the voltage rating of the IGBTs, which is typically 600V.) These half-bridge boards are also designed to be used as part of a four (4) IGBT full-bridge switching circuit which will double the output voltage and greatly increase the output power of your DRSSTC. These half-bridge boards are identical to those used in our miniBrute DRSSTC system. (Note: The IGBT half-bridge board kit comes with only one (1) polypropylene DC bypass capacitor - not two as shown in the images below.)

IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227)
IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227)
IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227)
IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227)


Click here for IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227) Instruction Manual (PDF) - Coming Soon!



- Utilizes bolt-on SOT-227 based IGBTs such as the IXYS IXGN60N60C2D1
- Use one board for half-bridge configuration / Use two boards for full-bridge configuration
- High current input / output screw terminals
- Includes Type 77 Ferrite Core for gate transformer (Component / Complete Kit)
- C-E and G-E voltage transient protection utilizing TVS and Zener Diodes (Component / Complete Kit)
- Half-Bridge Configuration (400VDC Bus) - Capable of producing up to 4-5 foot arcs
- Full-Bridge Configuration (400VDC Bus) - Capable of producing up to 6-7 foot arcs


IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227) - Board Only
Includes Printed Circuit Board only



IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227) - Component Kit
Includes Printed Circuit Board, and Board Components including Ferrite Core
Does not include IGBTs



IGBT Half-Bridge Board (SOT-227) - Complete Kit w/ IGBTs
Includes Printed Circuit Board and Board Components including Ferrite Core
and IXYS IXGN60N60C2D1 (600V, 60A) IGBTs