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DRSSTC Drivers

CM600 IGBT 30A Gate Driver

For high power DRSSTC systems, CM600 type IGBTs are commonly used as the switching devices. Unfortunately, the gate capacitance of these enormous devices is very high and cannot be driven conventionally with a standard gate driver IC and gate transformer. To drive these devices properly, a dedicated gate driver circuit is usually employed with has its own isolated power supplies. This IGBT Gate Driver board does exactly that. This board provides onboard isolated +20V and -10V power supplies which are used to provide a high current and bias drive to the large CM600 IGBT bricks. These screw directly to the CM600 IGBT brick and can be driven with a low-level driver signal via a small gate transformer.

Click here for the CM600 IGBT Gate Driver Instruction Manual (PDF)



- IXYS 30A Gate Driver IC with Heatsink
- Gate ON Voltage = 20V
- Gate OFF Voltage = -10V
- +20V and -10V Linear Power Supplies
- Drive signal provided through a gate transformer


CM600 IGBT Gate Driver - Board Kit
Includes PCB, Components, Ferrite Core for Gate Transformer
(Does not include 24VAC, 1A Isolation Transformer or CM600 IGBT- see instruction manual for additional information)