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Digital LED Flame 1.0

Digital LED Flame 1.0 Kit

The Digital Flame 1.0 Kit is an improvement over our existing LED Candle Kit. This new kit features four (4) high power amber PLCC-4 LEDs which put out an enormous amount of light - hence the name - "digital flame." Just a single one of these will illuminate an entire room at night making it look like the room is on fire. Perfect for parties, ambient lighting, camping, and of course, Halloween! We recently had a power outage in our area and instead of using candles, I used about ten of these to illuminate my entire house. Awesome!

The Digital Flame 1.0 utilizes a PIC microcontroller which produces a randomly varying pulse width modulated (PWM) output signal which drives an array of four (4) high power amber LEDs. There is also an onboard light detection circuit which will turn the unit on when it is dark out. An onboard potentiometer can be used to vary the sensitivity of the light detecting photocell circuit or can be used to disable this feature altogether. The perfect application for these of course is to use it to illuminate a Halloween Jack O'Lantern pumpkin. The photocell can be attached externally via wires and protrude from the outside of the pumpkin so that when it becomes dark out, the Digital Flame 1.0 will begin operating.

A standard FLASH serial programming interface is also provided on the board so that the customer can experiment with their own microcontroller routines.

Digital LED Flame 1.0 Kit Digital LED Flame 1.0 Kit Digital LED Flame 1.0 Kit Digital LED Flame 1.0 Kit

Click here for the Digital Flame 1.0 Instruction Manual (PDF) - Available now

Please note that our Digital Flame units have been replaced with the following kits that feature brighter LEDs and advanced functionality including flash modes, multiple candle modes, flame modes, pulsation modes, electrical flicker, and neon sign simulation.

Advanced Flame 1.0 Kit - Entry level advanced candle design for beginners featuring all thru-hole components. Multi-function

Advanced Flame 2.0 Unit - Assembled unit with multiple function and ultra-bright LED that runs on CR2450 batteries.

Advanced Lantern 1.0 Unit - Ultra-bright CREE LED candle module



- Operating Voltage Range - ~2.5-5.0V
- ON/OFF Switch
- Light Detecting Photocell Circuit (Unit will turn on when it becomes dark out) - This feature can be disabled via onboard poteniometer
- Onboard poteniometer to allow user to vary sensitivity of light detecting photocell circuit
- Provisions for externally connecting a photocell sensor (onboard connector pads)
- Operates from two (2) AAA batteries
- Four (4) amber high power PLCC-4 LEDs
- Advanced randomization routines simulate burning candle flame using onboard PIC microcontroller
- Onboard FLASH programming connections provided so you can experiment with your own PIC microcontroller code
- Perfect for Halloween, pumpkins, camping trips, ambience lighting in your home, and those romantic evening dinners