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DRSSTC Papers and Design Guides

How I Design my Tesla Coils - Design Guide (PDF)


DRSSTC: Building the Modern Day Tesla Coil

The following files are the schematics, artwork, parts lists, mechanical drawings, simulation files, and other related files which pertain to the book, DRSSTC: Building the Modern Day Tesla Coil. In particular, these cover the schematics, artwork, and parts lists for the DRSSTC II system which is a First Generation DRSSTC system and uses secondary base feedback.

System Schematic (PDF)

Complete Schematic (Full-Bridge, Self-Resonant Driver, Low Voltage Power Supply) (PDF)

ExpressPCB Artwork - Completed Panel (ZIP)

ExpressPCB Artwork - Full-Bridge (ZIP)

ExpressPCB Artwork - Self-Resonant Driver Board (ZIP)

ExpressPCB Artwork - External Modulator (ZIP)

Complete Parts List (Used with complete schematic above) (PDF)


Advanced Self-Resonant Driver Board

The advanced self-resonant driver board (formerly known as the PSSTC board), is a complete driver control board for the First Generation DRSSTC system that utlizes secondary base feedback.  It features several examples of how fault detection circuitry can be used within a DRSSTC system.

Advanced Self-Resonant Driver - Complete Schematic (PDF)

ExpressPCB Artwork - Advanced Self-Resonant Driver Board (ZIP)

Complete Parts List (Use with complete schematic above) (PDF)


60kV, 50MHz High Voltage Divider

This schematic is for the design of a fully compensated 1000:1 60kV high voltage divider with a working bandwidth of 50MHz. High frequency response of this high voltage divider is flat out to approximately 50MHz. Please note that once constructed and potted, you will need to recompensate the divider to achieve its proper bandwidth.

60kV High Voltage Divider Schematic (PDF)


4kV, 38mA Mini Tesla Coil

This schematic is for a mini spark gap Tesla coil which uses an open frame 4kV 20mA Franceformer NST which has been modified for 38mA (50% of internal shunts removed).  This coil has produced up to 14" of output arc. Please note that Franceformer no longer makes a 4kV, 20mA open frame NST. I believe they might make a 6kV, 30mA version though.

Mini Tesla Coil - Complete Schematic (PDF)


Dual 833A Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil (VTTC)

The design shown here is for a 3kW vacuum tube Tesla coil (VTTC) which utilizes dual 833A triode tubes and is capable of outputting up to 36" arcs.

Dual 833A VTTC - Complete Schematic (PDF)


Stacatto Controller for Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils (VTTC)

The Stacatto Controller is a very popular add-on board for VTTCs that allow one to vary the BPS of the VTTC by pulsing the cathode of the vacuum tube ON and OFF.  This controller provides true AC 60Hz zero crossing synchronization as well as a burst mode option.  Great for a variety of effects with VTTCs.

This is now available as a kit. Click here for more information.



The following datasheets pertain to high voltage / Tesla Coil design and are listed here for reference. Each datasheet is copyright of the respective manufacturer.

Electrical Safety and Physiological Effects

833A Triode Tube Datasheet (PDF)

GE Potential Transformer Datasheet (PDF)

Cornell-Dubilier 942C Capacitors for MMCs (PDF)

GE 42L Capacitors for MMCs - Electrical Specifications (PDF)


Fair-Rite Type 78 Material Datasheet (PDF)

UCC3732x 9A MOSFET Driver Datasheet (PDF)