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CNC Machining / Design Services

CNC Design and Machining Services

Looking to design and build the coolest Tesla Coil possible but don't have the tools or equipment to fabricate it yourself? Eastern Voltage Research provides a wide range of CNC and machining services to make your dream a reality with competitive prices to match the amateur coiler's budget. We specialize in designing and fabricating Tesla coil enclosures and mounting provisions from the smallest to the largest Tesla Coils.

Simply provide us with your specifications and /or drawings (i.e. .DXF, .DWG, .STEP, .IGES, etc...) and we will do the rest. If you simply have an idea but not sure how to design, we will gladly do the design for no charge and only charge you for the actual machining and materials.

We recognize that most individuals do not have the equipment to fabricate elaborate and professional looking Tesla coil supports and enclosures. We aim to provide a service that is economical to the community and allow everyone the opportunity to build the coil of their dreams.

To contact our sales team or request more information about CNC design services at Eastern Voltage Research, please use the email address below:

Sales and CNC Design Services:


Design Services and Capabilities:


- Camaster CNC Router (24" x 36" max. machining area)
- Materials: Woods, MDF, plastics including polycarbonate
- 2D and 3D
- Both design and fabrication services available