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Body Light 1.0 - An Experiment in Human Conduction



Want your son or daughter to place well in that upcoming science fair? Look no further. This kit is extremely popular with science students worldwide!

The Body Light 1.0 kit is one of our most popular educational kits. This demonstrates the body's ability to conduct electricity and to use that conducted electricity to illuminate a high brightness LED or other type of lamp. When a person (or chain of persons) places their hands on two (2) externally placed conductive electrodes (spheres in the above video), electricity will flow from one electrode through that person and into the second electrode closing the circuit, and therefore causing the LED or lamp to illuminate. This is a really fun circuit, especially for children, and demonstrates the principle of human conductivity. With two or more people, you can create long chains of conduction as is demonstrated in the above video.

We are now offering a complete deluxe kit that includes everything shown in the photos below including brass electrodes, high power LED and socket, professionally CNC'd birch base, and all mounting hardware! (Note: the kit shown in the video is the prototype version and not the final version that is shown in the photos below.)


Body Light 1.0 Kit Body Light 1.0 Kit Body Light 1.0 Kit Body Light 1.0 Kit

Click here for the Body Light 1.0 Instruction Manual (PDF) - Available now



- Operating voltage range: 12V to 15V
- Open Collector Output - 8A (for LEDs, Incadescent or Halogen lamps, etc...)
- High quality screw terminals allow for professional looking hook-up
- Mounting holes for board mounting
- Onboard LED to indicate power
- Ultrabright white LED onboard to shown when conduction exists


Body Light 1.1 - Basic Kit
Includes PCB board, components, and schematic
(User will need to provide a suitable base, two electrodes (drawer knobs work great, and 12V power source)



Body Light 1.1 - Package of 10 Kits



Body Light 1.1 - Basic Kit plus Power Supply
Includes PCB board, components, schematic, and 12V power supply.



Body Light 1.1 - Assembled and Tested
Includes assembled PCB board and schematic
Allow 1 week for us to assemble and test your board.

Body Light 1.0 Kit

Body Light 1.0 - Deluxe Kit
Includes PCB board, components, schematic, 12V, 2A power supply, two 1" brass electrodes, LED socket, high power LED bulb, and all mounting hardware including rubber feet and stand-offs.
(Wood base is not included)
$79.99 EA

NOTE: Customer must supply their own wood base.


High Power LED Bulb for Body Light 1.0 (Replacement)
18-SMD, Bright White
$9.99 EA


Extra socket for our Body Light 1.0 Kit (Replacement)
Fits both incadescent and LED BA15S single intensity bulbs.
$2.99 EA


1" Brass Spheres
1/4-20 Threaded Hole
For spark gaps, electrodes, and toploads
These are perfect for Marx Generator spark gaps
$14.99 EA ($99.99 for 10)

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