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High Power Audio Modulated Tesla Coil (formerly Plasmasonic SSTC II)

Plasmasonic High Power Audio Modulated Tesla Coil

Solid State Tesla Coil (SSTC) audio modulation is one of the hottest trends in the world of Tesla these days. Instead of speakers, the actual high voltage plasma of the Tesla coil is modulated so that it produces sound. Yes! No speakers! Everything you are hearing in the video above is created solely within the high voltage plasma.

And one of our most popular audio modulation kits, the Plasmasonic is here to stay. This design utilizes full continuous wave (CW) switching in a high power full-bridge configuration and have an efficient Class-D PWM modulator for creating high quality audio reproduction. This is the second generation Plasmasonic system, as featured in the numerous videos seen on YouTube, and can be hooked up directly to practically any audio source. Use one for mono operation, or really make heads spin with full stereo operation utilizing (2) two Plasmasonic SSTCs.

Click here for Plasmasonic Instruction Manual (PDF)



- Full-Bridge switching circuit for high power operation
- Configurable as pulsed SSTC or CW SSTC (Audio Modulation)
- Customizable Audio Filtering
- 10-Step LED Onboard VU Meter
- Connects directly to practically any audio source
- Operates from 50kHz to 350kHz


Plasmasonic PCB
Plasmasonic Board only (No Components)
(Includes schematic)


Plasmasonic Board Package
Printed Circuit Board and Board Mounted components (See Parts List)
Includes (4) IXYS IXFN48N50 MOSFETs (SOT-227 Package) and Heatsinks
(Does not include Variac, AC Power Supply, Fans, or Tesla Resonator)


STEREO Plasmasonic Board Package
Includes two (2) of the Plasmasonic Board Package described above



Plasmasonic - Schematic Only